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Carron Shankland

Professor of Computing Science and Deputy Head, School of Natural Sciences, University of Stirling

Carron Shankland is a professor of Computing Science at the University of Stirling, and deputy head of the school of Natural Sciences. Her research lies in the intersection of computer science, mathematics and biology: understanding the behaviour of biological systems through mathematical and computational models. Her models (in process algebra) can describe systems at a high level of abstraction as networks of communicating individuals, scaling up to the emergent population dynamics. Her group has worked across a range of biological systems (disease dynamics, immunological systems, collective dynamics of cells, cell signalling response to cancer therapies) as well as in computer networks and protocols. In addition, her group is developing an exciting technique combining genetic programming with modelling to produce models directly from experimental data. Prof Shankland leads activities in the modelling and abstraction theme in the Scottish Computing community, and nationally co-leads the POEMS network linking modelling to healthcare technology. Prof Shankland is passionate about the promotion of careers in science for women, leading a programme of actions at Stirling designed to achieve a gender balance in senior positions.

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