Uploading Students

Knowledge Base

Add students to your school on the Student Admin page.

Student Data

Students can be added individually by clicking the 'New' button. You can bulk upload learners by creating a CSV file, which matches the format in this example file. The first 3 columns are mandatory: UPN, First Name and Last Name. Fill in the other columns according you school policy.

Editing Learners

  1. Select a row in the Learner Table and click the 'Edit' button.
  2. Inline edit the cells in the Learner Table, by directly clicking on the cell you wish to change. You can move onto the next cell with the Tab key.
  3. Update learner data in your CSV file and re-upload it. Records are matched and updated by the UPN number. If a UPN number is not supplied or doesn't exist, a new learner record will be created.

Preparing for the New Academic Year

  • Add any new learners who've started at your school and don't have existing records.
  • Update any existing learners' details. For example, change their registration group. Bulk updates are easy: you can re-upload a CSV, just ensure the UPN numbers don't change.
  • We recommend against creating duplicate entries for existing learners who have progressed a year.
  • You should not remove any old learners, who've left your school - as you will be unable to access their records. Don't worry, if they're not assigned to a Class in the current Academic Year you won't be charged.
  • Create a new set of Classes for the new Academic Year in the Class Admin page and assign learners.

CSV File Upload

  1. Only CSV files are allowed. You can export these from most SIMS systems or Excel.
  2. Forename and Surname are required. Other fields are optional.
  3. The Gender field must contain either M or F.
  4. The DOB field should be in the format YYYY-MM-DD e.g. 1970-12-31
  5. Existing learners with matching UPNs will be updated with new fields from the CSV file.

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