School Setup

Knowledge Base

In order to collaborate with colleagues, upload students, record scores or access reports, you must first setup your School Profile.

Go to the Profile Admin page, where you can:

  • Create a new School
  • Accept an invite to join an existing School

Create a new School

The fastest way to create a new school, is to search by School Name or URN. This will pre-populate your school details from the DfE EduBase data. You can always edit these fields later.

If your school is not listed, you can click on 'School not listed' and enter your details manually. Once you've create a new school, you will be marked as the owner.

Invite Your Colleagues

Once you've setup a school, you can Invite Colleagues to join your account and share your planning and assessment. Enter their email address and they will receive an email to setup their account and join your school.

Send Invites

Join an existing School

You need to be invited by one of your colleagues to join an existing school. Invitations can be accepted on the Profile Admin page.

Changing Schools

If you decide to change schools, your Learning Journeys will be migrated to your new school. Any Students and Classes you create will not automatically be migrated. You will need to email to request migrating any Learners and Classes.