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Use Markbooks to record student assessment and get real-time insights into progression.

A Markbook is usually created by cloning a Journey Template and assigning a Class and Teacher. You can Clone markbooks from the Journey Dashboard and setup your Classes in the Class Admin.

Once you've created your Markbooks you can start using them for Assessment in the Markbook page.

The Outcomes and Activities for a Learning Journey are shown along the side on the left. The students in the Class are shown along the top.

By clicking or tapping on the circles you can record progression based on the following criteria:

  • Grey - Not Assessed
  • Red - Target: Introduced to a concept but more work needs to be done.
  • Amber - Working Towards: Working towards or part met a concept.
  • Green - Mastered: Secured and consolidated a concept.


The first time you record a score for a given lesson, it will prompt you to enter a date. You can view real-time reports

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