Create & Adapt Learning Journeys

Knowledge Base

The Journey Editor allows you to adapt existing Learning Journeys or create them from scratch. A Learning Journey (or Lesson Plan) is a series of one or more lessons; each with Outcomes, Activities and supporting material all mapped back to the National Curriculum.

Define the Journey

Click the 'Create Journey" button to create a Learning Journey from scratch or "Pick Journey" to select an existing Journey that you or a colleague have in their Dashboard.

The Journey Details pop up allows you to enter details about the overall Learning Journey. This includes Guidance, Required Resources, Web Links and Attachments.

Journey Editor - Create Journey

Adding Extra Links

You can add external links or upload files to support a Journey. Links to popular video sharing sites, like YouTube, will automatically embed videos into the Journey Viewer.

Journey Editor - Add Links

Adding Tags

You can add Subjects and Tags to help in finding and organising your Journeys.

Journey Editor - Tagging

Add Lessons

You can add multiple lessons to your Learning Journey by clicking "Add Lesson". A Lesson can have Extra Links and Guidance, just like the Learning Journey. Drag and Drop the lessons in the middle column to reorder them.

Journey Editor - Add Lesson

Add Lesson Components

Add Lesson Components to a Lesson - you can create these from scratch or use one that you or a colleague have already created. A Lesson Component can be an Outcome or an Activity. Outcomes often taken the form of "I can... " statements and Activities are descriptions of the lesson itself. Both can be mapped to the National Curriculum and are used in the Markbooks to record attainment.

Journey Editor - Curriculum Mapping

After clicking "Save Journey" the Journey Coverage will be calculated and updated on on the left column.

Journey Editor