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Find resources, lessons plans and curated learning journeys - all mapped to the English National Curriculum. The Teacher Subscription is perfect for a UK based Primary & Secondary Computing teachers looking to get build inspiring curricula.


Access thousands of resources to build your Learning Journeys.

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Make informed choices with Learning Journeys from a range of suppliers.

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Export lesson plans to PDF for use in the class room.

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English National Curriculum
Computing Progression Pathways

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Frog / NAHT Computing KPIs
Computing GCSE Exam Boards

EdTech Providers

Planned Learning Journeys from EdTech providers that are mapped back to the National Curriculum.
Get teaching straight away, or adapt these journeys to your students need in our Journey Editor.
We regularly add Learning Journeys from inspiring teachers and EdTech providers. Signup and we'll keep you informed.

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Track your students progress with online markbooks and get real-time reports on progress on the National Curriculum and other assessment frameworks.

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Track student progression with pre-built markbooks.


A practical solution for assessment without levels.

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Build broad and balanced curriculums that meets students' needs.