EdTech Survey Launched Across England
Somesh Selvachandran
10 January 2019

Technology is a central part of everyday life and yet many schools don’t yet fully engage with edtech as an integral part of their teaching and learning. The Learning Foundation, a national educational charity, has a mission to support every school-aged child to have access to a good-quality devices and adequate connectivity in school and at home. Their ethos is that technology, when properly supported e has the ability to help all children reach their full potential and enable them to also be prepared for work and the social world that surrounds them. This is particularly true for those children and young people who struggle at the bottom of the attainment gap.

To further help schools, and the DfE, understand the current state of play, and what everyone could do to improve matters, the Learning Foundation has commissioned a unique survey across all schools in England to profile opinion and engagement with edtech, in two key areas:

● The use of technology in teaching and learning

● STEM learning and assessment

Questions asked cover a number of key areas including; the type of technology available in the school, the software currently in use, teacher engagement with technology, homework, STEM, what would improve the use of technology, and much more.

The information gathered will provide the charity with valuable data to help publish a true profile of the current situation and where the main challenges for schools lie. The Learning Foundation is regularly talking to the DfE in an effort to raise the profile and importance of edtech, and this survey will provide valuable evidence to support the debate.

The survey has been kept short to honour the fact that schools have very little time on their hands, and many questions have been made multiple choice. In addition, the survey includes an option to ‘save/continue’ allowing participants a chance to break away and come back to it later. In tests the survey took around 15 minutes to complete.

This will be a very important survey, with nothing similar having been run across all of England before. Every contribution will be invaluable and will give schools a chance to have their voices heard.

The survey can be completed by visiting https://s.surveyshack.com/s3/Learning-Foundation-STEM-Survey